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Nebraska’s workers’ compensation system is designed to help individuals who suffer injuries or develop occupational diseases in the course of their employment. When the system works, injured or ill employees can secure benefits for medical treatment and lost wages. Unfortunately, injured workers don’t always have an easy time navigating the system, and as a result, can face serious setbacks due to inaccurate disability determinations or denied claims.

At Burnett Legal Group, our experienced Omaha workers’ comp attorneys are available to help you better understand your rights as they pertain to the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act. Whether you need assistance filing a claim, contesting disability decisions, or appealing denials, our caring and compassionate lawyers can help you navigate the process in pursuit of the benefits you need.

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How Omaha Workers' Compensation Attorneys Can Help

By leveraging decades of combined experience fighting for the injured and disabled, our attorneys can help you address the unique issues involved in your case. Examples of how we can assist clients with workers’ comp proceedings include:

  • Ensuring a Fair Deal – Unfortunately, self-insured employers and insurers that provide workers’ comp coverage are in business to protect their bottom line. This means they will do what they can to avoid paying benefits, especially when it comes to permanent disability. By working with a lawyer during the process, you can reduce risks of having your claim denied, missing out on additional benefits to which you are entitled, or not being compensated in a timely manner.
  • Potential Third Party Claims – In some cases, workers harmed by a third party’s negligence that contributed to their accident may be able to file a separate claim for compensation. This claim is independent of workers’ compensation cases. With a skilled personal injury team, our firm can evaluate your case to see if you have a viable third party claim and pursue additional compensation.
  • Challenging Claim DenialsThere are several reasons why workers’ compensation can be denied, including lack of medical information and improperly filed claims. Our attorneys can help review your denied claim and handle relevant issues when appealing a determination.

Understanding Nebraska’s Workers’ Comp System

Employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they become injured or ill as a result of their employment. Death benefits may also be awarded to families of workers who died on the job. When awarded, workers’ compensation can provide coverage for medical benefits, lost work wages, and vocational rehabilitation. The amount of benefits will vary from case to case depending on the facts involved and the nature of a worker’s disability.

Compensation may be provided for:

  • Total Disability (Temporary or Permanent)
  • Partial Disability (Temporary Partial, Temporary Partial Loss of a Member, or Permanent Partial to the Body as a Whole)

Our team can help you better understand the various types of benefits available and how we can help pursue the compensation you need during a FREE consultation.

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Burnett Legal Group is committed to protecting the legal rights of the injured and disabled throughout Omaha and the state of Nebraska. If you have questions following a workplace accident, or if you have had your claim denied, do not hesitate to contact our legal team for a free case evaluation.

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