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When people hear the term “Elder Law,” they are most likely to think of Estate Planning, which refers to the preparation of documents specifying how a person’s assets are to be distributed after their death. “Elder Law” does include estate planning, but also extends beyond that to encompass other areas of importance to seniors and their families.

For instance, our Elder Law attorneys assist our clients and their families with planning and applying for programs such as Medicaid, Veterans’ Benefits, and Social Security Disability. At Burnett Legal Group, our Elder Law attorneys also assist clients with situations involving long-term care facilities, such as billing disputes, discharge planning, or policies related to how residents are treated. Given that two-thirds of seniors will require nursing home care at an average cost of $6,300.00 a month, understanding the benefits available and achieving eligibility to receive them can be one of the most important services our Elder Law attorneys provide.

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Comprehensive Elder Law & Asset Protection Services

Whether your foremost concerns involve asset protection from creditors or nursing home costs or other elder matters such as guardianship and conservatorship, we will present practical options and help you implement the right solution for you.

Our Elder Law attorneys also assist families dealing with situations such as caring for a disabled relative or protecting a senior with dementia from financial and other forms of abuse. Tools such as a Special Needs Trust or Guardianship/Conservatorship can be crucial in such situations.

The Elder Law attorneys at Burnett Legal Group have experience dealing with all of these issues. We know what to expect when navigating the world of senior services and we take great care to ensure our clients receive expert advice tailored to their specific circumstances. At Burnett Legal Group, we aim to be a “friend of the family” not just for seniors, but also their families. Many of our clients have been with us for multiple generations. We value their continued confidence in our firm.

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Work with Our Omaha Medicaid Planning & Elder Law Attorneys

Whether you need to create a customized estate plan that makes you eligible for Public Benefits, or if you just need help understanding and filing for Public Benefits, Burnett Legal Group is here to help. We are well-versed in all corners of elder law, including asset protection, and how they intersect with Public Benefits. For all the legal support and guidance you need, all under one roof, just call (402) 810-8611 and request a free initial consultation with our team.

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