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All parents have a duty to financially support their children. In Nebraska, a parent’s obligation is based on several factors outlined in Nebraska law and Child Support guidelines. Child support is meant to cover a wide range of expenses for the child, such as housing, food, educational expenses, clothing, medical and dental expenses, travel, or extracurricular activities.

At Burnett Wilson Law, we represent parents in child support matters. When a parent experience a change in income or other circumstance, that may affect child support, our Omaha family law attorneys can give advice, including seeking modification of a child support or medical support order.

Estimating Child Support Payments

The number of minor children and parental custody affects a parent’s child support obligation, along with income, earning capacity, and several other factors. An experienced family law attorney at Burnett Wilson Law will be able to advise you on the law and help you obtain a just result, whether paying or receiving child support.

Working with our team of divorce lawyers in Omaha will give you the ability to make an accurate assessment of your child support pursuant to the Nebraska guidelines. Some factors used to make this determination include:

  • The parent’s gross income or earning capacity
  • The number of children in the household
  • The cost of health or dental and/or vision insurance
  • The number of days spent with each parent during the calendar year
  • Court ordered support paid to support other children

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Our Omaha child support lawyers provide each of our clients with the confidence that their interests are represented and accounted for. We can help ensure your child support order is fair and equitable.


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