High Net Worth Divorce

High Net Worth Divorces in Omaha

Protecting Your Future in High Asset Divorce Cases

All divorces are complicated, and take a major emotional, psychological, and financial toll on the parties involved. However, when you or your partner also happen to have an exceptionally high net worth or highly valuable assets, making sure that each party receives their fair share can become even more complicated and stressful.

At Burnett Legal Group, we understand how delicate these cases can be – and how quickly they can spiral into bitter and prolonged court battles. As your Omaha high net worth divorce attorneys, we can deftly negotiate on your behalf, and strive to resolve any issues as equitably as possible.

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Common Issues in High Net Worth Divorces

Like all couples, higher income partners who are divorcing worry about child custody battles, ongoing spousal and child support, and dividing resources. However, there are certain challenges that are unique to high asset divorce cases. In order to resolve them in a positive way, you will need to discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney who is sensitive to your needs, and who has a solid understanding of all the financial factors involved.

Some of the financial issues specific to a higher income divorce may include:

  • Securing an unbiased evaluation for all property values
  • Valuating both commercial and residential properties
  • Analyzing the value of stocks and investment funds
  • Reviewing the terms of complex premarital agreements
  • Discovering any hidden streams of revenue via forensic accounting services
  • Calculating income for non-traditional sources of earning, including investments, real estate properties, etc.

Nebraska is what is known as an “equitable distribution” state. Of course, equitable does not mean equal: If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse cannot reach a settlement out of court, a judge will decide what is fair based on whether your properties are marital or personal. The judge will also consider the contribution of each party within your relationship, which can include your paid labor, total earning potential, and any unpaid work around the home.

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Committed to Your Ongoing Success

Whether your divorce is uncontested or contested, a high net worth has the potential to make things extremely messy for an unwary couple. You will likely need to rely on a network of financial experts, appraisers, tax professionals, and attorneys in order to effectively divide your assets and reach a favorable settlement or court verdict.

At Burnett Legal Group, we focus on solution-oriented advocacy, and we have the experience and negotiation skills to make a win-win scenario much more achievable. Well-qualified to assist with a range of difficult divorce issues, we will stand by your side every step of the way and strive to protect your financial future.

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