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There are few things in life more beautiful and rewarding than adopting a child. Your decision to welcome a new family member into your home should be a joyful process, not one that makes you feel overwhelmed and stressed. At Burnett Legal Group, our Omaha adoption attorneys can act as your advocates throughout the adoption process, and offer you the right legal assistance when you need it most.

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Legal Adoption Requirements in Nebraska

No matter where you currently stand in the adoption process, we can help you navigate any legal issues and challenges that arise. According to Nebraska state statutes, any adult can choose to adopt a child who is still a minor, but if the child is over 14 years of age, you will need to make sure you have the child’s consent first. A married couple must also decide to jointly adopt a child, provided that one of them is not already the parent.

Once you’ve formally started the adoption process, all prospective parents of minor children must complete what is called a “home residency” or home study for at least 6 months, to ensure that you are ready to take on this responsibility. This will include multiple interviews with social workers, criminal and standard background checks, reference reviews, and home inspections. You will also need to finish the 27-hour long state PRIDE training program, which is offered through the Department of Health and Human Services.

While your specific requirements can vary depending on the adoption agency you choose, you must meet the following criteria in order to complete an adoption:

  • Follow all Nebraska statutory procedures prior to and after adoption
  • Demonstrate that joining your family will be in the child’s best interest
  • Show that you and/or your partner are legally entitled to adopt
  • Identify a child that is eligible for adoption

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Attentive and Caring Adoption Services

At Burnett Legal Group, our Omaha family law attorneys are committed to collaborating with our clients, and serving as their voice in any legal proceedings. We know that adoption can be a complex process that may take months or even years to complete, so we strive to make prospective parents feel at ease throughout their unique adoption journey. Because we believe every child deserves to find a loving family, you can rest assured that we’ll stand by your side and work to make your dream a reality.

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