Asset Preservation and Public Benefit Qualification

Asset Preservation and Public Benefit Qualification

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Long-term care for your elder years of life can be incredibly expensive, even if you have insurance. In order to make certain you and your family will be able to shoulder the cost and keep living comfortably, you should work with an Asset Preservation and Public Benefits attorney from Burnett Legal Group. Various public benefits exist to help people afford long-term care, but qualifying for benefits is not necessarily made to be simple to understand and utilize. This is where our Asset Preservation and Public Benefits attorneys can step in and help you navigate the complexities inherent in the joint state-federal program.

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Benefits you may gain through Public Benefits include:

  • Nursing home care
  • Long-term in-home care
  • Acute care services
  • Certain community-based care services

Using Asset Preservation Planning to Gain Eligibility

There are many cases in which an elder does not qualify for Public Benefits but cannot feasibly afford long-term care on their own all the same. If the margin of disqualification is slim, then it might be possible to gain eligibility through proper planning, which can be comprised of elder law and estate planning aspects. The goal of Asset Preservation and Public Benefits planning of this nature is reducing the estate or assets of an elder to the point they gain Medicaid eligibility. We will want to sit down with you, get to know your situation thoroughly, and come up with a personalized approach that meets your needs and expectations.


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