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It can be difficult to know where to turn if you suspect that a dangerous product, prescription drug, or other item has caused serious harm.

Many people hear about a product defect well after the damage has been done — in some cases after a family member has passed away — and wonder if it is too late to take action. They also wonder whether legal action against a huge corporation can possibly succeed, and what that might cost.

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At Burnett Legal Group, our knowledgeable product liability lawyers in Omaha will take you seriously and strive to help. Unlike national, high-volume firms that look to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to each injured person’s case, our firm will take an individual approach to your injuries and address your legal needs and concerns.

Backed by decades of collective experience, we are capable of pursuing compensation on your behalf, even from large corporations.

To learn more about your options, call our firm at (402) 810-8611. We offer free case evaluations and don’t charge you a single legal fee unless we obtain recovery on your behalf.

Our Approach to Product Liability Claims

Unfortunately, many products out on the market have been distributed without undergoing the proper testing to ensure their safety. Whether it’s a car part, child’s toy, dangerous drug or medical implant, our firm is capable of investigating the circumstances surrounding your injury in order to pursue compensation that can cover your bills and losses.

In recent years, billions of dollars have been awarded to settle defective drug lawsuits. Patients suffering due to defective hip implants, pain patches, and other devices may also have legal options to recover significant damages.

In any product liability claim, our focus lies in the following:

  • Maintaining awareness of prominent product lawsuits in progress and drug recalls that may pertain to our valued clients' cases
  • Performing essential research to determine whether specific defective product lawsuits are being handled in multidistrict litigation (MDL), and if so, determining whether and where our clients' specific case should be filed
  • Collaborating with other attorneys nationwide to ensure you have dedicated, qualified representation to pursue your valid injury or wrongful death lawsuit

The list of defective products that may justify a lawsuit is too extensive to cover here. Simply stated, if you have heard about a recall in the news or seen a commercial suggesting you inquire about taking legal action, it is worth calling the Omaha defective product lawyers at our firm.

Injured by a Defective Product? Trust Your Case to Burnett Legal Group.

If you believe a defective medical product or any other commercial product has caused serious injury or a premature death in your family, you can turn to our Omaha product liability attorneys for insightful, honest counsel. We devote tremendous amounts of time and energy into each and every client, working to obtain the best possible outcome on their behalf.

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