Do Injuries and Accidents Happen More in Certain Seasons?

car in a highway

Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. However, certain times of the year have spikes in accident frequency: Traffic, adverse weather conditions, and increases in more high-risk activity are all contributing factors.

Heavy Traffic and More Risky Activities in the Summer

The summer season presents a higher risk of injury than other times of the year for a number of reasons.

Car accidents, in particular, are on the rise during the summer because there are more cars on the road. People drive more often for beach trips and other vacations, and with school out for the year, there are more inexperienced drivers joining in on the rush.

For a lot of people, summer means engaging in activities they don’t participate in any other time: Riding on jet skis, boating, and even just swimming are all popular in the summer and present their own set of dangers, which can lead to injury.

Winter Weather Conditions

Although winter is usually considered the opposite of the summer, the seasons do share similar increases in accidents.

More snow and ice on the roads during the winter contributes to slick surfaces and limited visibility, which can lead to more vehicle collisions.

As is the case over the summer, winter means an increase in hazardous activities. While the summer presents opportunities for pulling out the Jet Ski or boat, winter means using snowmobiles, skiing, and snowboarding. All of these activities can lead to broken bones, brain injuries, and other harm.

The Dangers of Driving Around Holidays

Around the holidays, many more people are traveling to visit family or go on vacations. This higher volume in traffic is hazardous on its own, but holiday traffic is often made up of fatigued or intoxicated drivers who add to the risks.

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