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Attorney Carlson Joins Farmers First Trust on Rural America Live

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American farmers are currently facing a dangerous combination of weather and grain pricing pressure in the economy, and many are worried about preserving the value of their agricultural properties. To help farmers and ranchers better understand the tax deferral process for farmland sales, our firm partner Darren R. Carlson will be appearing on Rural America Live on July 11th at 9 pm!

Joining the show as a guest of Farmers First Trust Company DST, Attorney Darren Carlson will be discussing how farmers can take advantage of the United States tax code to monetize farmland installment sales. As a leading expert and published author on monetized installment sales, Attorney Carlson reviews the tax opinion letters and installment sales documentation for farmers that rely on Farmers First Trust.

Attorney Carlson will be appearing on Rural America Live on RFD TV-Network, which will be broadcast live out of Nashville, Tennessee. As the flagship network for Rural Media Group, RFD-TV has an extensive following of farmers and ranchers. This will be the first time Farmers First Trust has made an appearance on this network, and with the help of Attorney Carlson, the organization hopes to share this critical information with farmers around the country.

Our Real Estate Team Can Help with Installment Sales!

Our attorney and firm partner Darren Carlson is the author of “Monetizing the Tax Deferred Installment Sale of Farmland and Farm Commodities (IRS Section 453)”, which was published in Creighton Law Review. Skilled at helping people navigate these complex real estate transactions, Attorney Carlson is dedicated to ensuring that farmers and ranchers can save on their tax burden. If you need assistance related to your agricultural properties in Omaha, the team at Burnett Legal Group can provide the legal support you need!

Tune into Rural America Live on July 11th to learn more about monetized installment sales! If you need immediate assistance, please call Burnett Legal Group at (402) 810-8611 today.