Tips for Navigating Your Custody Agreement When Your Child Goes Back to School

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The back to school season signals a lot of changes for your child. They will have new classes, new teachers, and possibly a new schedule. A return to school can be difficult to navigate for parents who are divorced or separated.

Over the summer, without the responsibility of taking your child to school almost every day, it is usually much easier for divorced or separated parents to create a visitation schedule. Kids can be picked up according to the schedule of you and your former spouse (instead of the schedule of you, your former spouse, and the school), and it is not necessary to be close to your child’s school. Once classes start, all of this changes. It is important to evaluate your family’s needs in advance of the first day of school and plan accordingly.

Make Your Child’s Needs a Priority

At all times, your children should be the top concern of you and your ex-partner. Take the time to learn about your child’s classes and extracurricular activities — not just how they work into your schedule, but also how you, as parents, can provide resources to help them be successful in their pursuits.

Maintain a Consistent Schedule

Creating a schedule that is as consistent as possible will help your children adjust to changes. Regardless of which parent’s house they are staying in, your children should eat dinner, do homework, and go to sleep around the same time every day.

Plan in Advance

Deciding on a tentative best schedule for your family before school starts will help you maintain consistency. It is also important to remain flexible in case any changes are necessary. Effective communication about your schedule and back to school changes will be crucial to foster a healthy environment.

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