When Is My Divorce Final?

No one wants their divorce to last longer than it has to, so of course one of the most pressing questions you might have is when the whole process is finalized, allowing you to finally move forward with your new life. Assuming you meet the state requirement of having lived in the state for 180 days, there is also a minimum 60 day waiting period for contested divorces. This means, at minimum, your divorce will take at least a couple of months before you can finalize it. However, the average length of time in the state is 6 months.

Post-Divorce Waiting Periods

After you and your spouse have either worked out a settlement agreement or a judge has done it for you, you will have a final hearing or trial and a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage will be entered and filed with the Clerk of Court. This does not mean your divorce is final yet though. In some cases, a waiting period of 30 days might be imposed, which is intended to allow one party to appeal the divorce decree. After this period passes, your divorce will officially be considered final, though it is still possible the court can reconsider your divorce decree.

It is also possible for a 6 month waiting period to be imposed, which prevents a party from remarrying for a period of 6 months after the decree is entered.

Omaha Family Law Attorneys

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