Why Avoid Long Gaps or Breaks in Medical Appointments Following a Car Accident?

The most important factor in a full recovery following a car accident is medical care. Your medical provider can't heal a patient that doesn't come to their office.

We know we all have very busy lives. Multiple medical appointments after a car accident can be exhausting. As a working parent, student, business owner it can be virtually impossible to get the kids off in the morning, work a full day or go to school and somehow find time to visit your doctor's office or attend chiropractic or physical therapy appointments.

However, without medical care, your symptoms will become worse and your injury could be permanent.

Following an accident, your doctor or chiropractor will decide how to treat your injuries. Be a good patient. Follow through with these decisions even if your life becomes busy.

Insurance companies also hope your own busy schedule and life commitments result in you missing or failing to schedule a doctor's appointment.

The insurance industry calls labels any breaks or delays in between medical appointments "Gaps-in-Care." Insurance companies devalue claims based on lack of consistent medical treatment.

The critical time frames to make sure you have NO "Gaps-in-Care" are:

The time between the collision and your first medical appointment. Don't' delay going to the Emergency Room or your doctor if you are in pain after the accident. The time between the accident and the first medical record of the accident are critical to your recovery; and

The time following each medical appointment. If you see a doctor or visit the ER the day of your accident make sure to have a follow up appointment scheduled and then don't quit seeing your doctor until s/he informs you have reached your maximum medical improvement.

You didn't choose to get in a car accident. You didn't choose to have an injury. But, you should do everything in your power to get better.

The only thing more frustrating than being injured due to another's negligence is allowing their insurance company to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve. There are many things in life that we can put off because of life's other obligations and commitments, but your health is not one of them! Go to the doctor and don't stop until doctor ends your treatment.

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