Would You Pay for a Free Meal?

"Make sure you know what you're paying for." It sounds like a quote from Mark Twain, and it probably should be. But most people believe that they watch closely every dime that comes out of their pockets. Why wouldn't they?...careful effort and valuable time is taken to put that money in your pocket in the first place.

Currently, there are perfectly legal, but misleading services that are being offered to the public. One of these services is a company that will mail you a solicitation for you to contact them to request a copy of yourcurrent grant deed or property assessment profile. One current solicitation charges a processing fee of $83.00. It's a not a bad deal. And if they can't get your deed information for you, they will refund the money. Also, included in the documents provided will be:

  • Your Grant Deed (including ownership status, and transfers of property notices, a legal property description, and verification that the information is correct and error free.)
  • County Tax and Assessment Information
  • Assessor Value
  • Tax Amount
  • Property Comparable Values
  • Flood reports
  • Tax Delinquency Information

Here's the issue:

Not only can you get these documents from the County Recorder in the county where your property is located (by paying a small fee), but most often these documents are provided by your Estate Planner for free!

Don't get sucked in by official-looking documents that are really just giving you a chance to pay for a meal you're already eating for little or no cost. Also, be extra careful of those solicitations that have a "Please Respond By" date. Offer expirations are added to solicitations to force a decision before you check with knowledgeable parties if the service is actually needed. In this case, it isn't!

Contact our offices regarding questions on these or any other solicitations you may receive. We can help you wade through these never-ending floods of sales pitches!