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Entering the Country for Unique Reasons

You might not be eligible for a PERM Labor Certification for a variety of reasons. Ineligibility does not mean you cannot enter the country, though. If your admittance into the United States would benefit the country, then you could be granted a national interest waiver that overrides the necessity for a traditional labor certification.

Burnett Wilson Law in Omaha, Nebraska can you understand national interest waivers and discover if one applies to your immigration case. To begin, you should know that you do not require an employer to sponsor you to file for a national interest waiver. You can self-petition, which means you can begin the process just by calling us at 402-403-4358.

How to Prove You Deserve a National Interest Waiver

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not define any careers as qualifying for a national interest waiver. You can, therefore, apply for the waiver regardless of your professional background. Although, national interest waivers are usually only provided to someone who is known to have an “exceptionable ability” in a career field or who has earned an advanced degree. It is assumed that being greatly skilled or highly educated allows you to benefit the country by being here.

There are three specific national interest waiver criteria to meet:

  • Your work has substantial merit and national importance.
  • You are the best person to advance this work (as opposed to many others).
  • The U.S. would benefit from waiving the labor certification processing and bringing you in.

For example, a leading cancer researcher wants to enter the country as soon as possible to assist a laboratory team on the verge of a medical breakthrough. Traditional immigration channels would take too long to navigate, and you might also be inadmissible for other reasons. A national interest waiver could be granted because your work with the research team could benefit not just the institution but the medical community in general in the United States.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Using a national interest waiver is not necessarily a straightforward process. The USCIS does not like to waive its own immigration rules, and recent legal changes have significantly changed the process for obtaining a National Interest Waiver. To get a clear image of your own immigration situation and whether or not you should be using a national interest waiver, contact Burnett Wilson Law in Omaha right away.

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