What If I Don't Know Who Was at Fault?

If an accident occurs – which results in injuries – and you are not sure who was at fault, there are many things you must keep in mind so as not to make matters worse. Knowing what mistakes to avoid can help make your insurance or personal injury claim go smoothly and ensure you do not encounter any bumps in the process.

The following are key things to keep in mind if you are not sure who was at fault for an accident you were involved in:

  • Never admit fault – Even if you believe that you are partially to blame for an accident, there is a process for determining fault and it’s important to leave it to the experts. If the other driver is angry and accuses you of being negligent, it is imperative to refrain from allowing them to force you into admitting fault. Just because the driver claims you’re at fault doesn’t mean it is true. When speaking with police, only discuss what happened to the best of your recollection and don’t make any statements which admit to fault.
  • Do not negotiate with the other driver – While it may be tempting to settle the incident off the record without involving insurance companies, and if the damage turns out to be more severe that it appeared on the surface once it was fixed, then you may have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Furthermore, there are many cases where the other driver ends up filing a fraudulent claim against another after they’ve already agreed to pay a specific part of the damages.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident until everything is squared away – Although you may want to go home and let the accident resolve itself, do not leave the scene until you have all of the information necessary from the other driver and have talked to the police. Make sure you have the other driver’ contact and insurance information, as well as contact information from any witnesses at the scene.

If you’re not sure what else to do, you must speak with an experienced attorney to help you obtain a favorable outcome in your case.

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