You're Not Being Nosey - Check on Your Loved One in a Nursing Home

Many people worry about checking on an elderly loved one in a nursing home. They don't want to seem nosy. They don't want to become responsible for whatever they find. Many people avoid visiting for fear of what they will find.

Don't hesitate. Most nursing homes are pleasant, safe environments. Take the time and visit. Here are ways to check the condition of a loved one without becoming invasive to their privacy:

Start the Conversation

Ask questions about your loved one's normal routine. Ask about new health concerns. If you can, offer to do some small tasks around their room. Simple things like replacing old with fresh water. Straighten up around their room. Make yourself useful while talking.

Ask them:

  • Is there anything you need done around here?
  • What did you do today?
  • When did you last see the doctor?

Personal Observation

Sometimes, it's easier to observe health and hygiene than it is to ask direct personal questions.

  • Are they wearing clean clothes? Shoes or slippers that are safe for the floor surfaces?
  • Are their glasses dirty or broken?
  • Do they appear to be losing weight?
  • Do you notice any injuries, like bruises or limping?

Around the nursing home:

While you're there, casually observe conditions in and around the nursing home.

  • Is there healthy food available?
  • Are there funny smells that might indicate a problem, ask staff about the smell and the source?
  • Do they appear comfortable with the staff? With other residents?
  • Is the facility clean and orderly?
  • Do they know when meals and medications are coming next?
  • Is there evidence of incontinence problems, or other physical needs not being directly addressed?

If you observe any problems or concerns at the Nursing Home, talk to the caregiver or floor nurse before you leave.

Get contact information, and promise to follow up make sure the problem is addressed. For more suggestions read here.

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